I released a repo on Github on Sunday. And it’s trending today!

All the way down there in the middle ๐Ÿ™‚

Every time I find myself feeling a little silly being buoyed by a small bunch of internet points, I remember all the repos I’ve cloned or required, and where they got me ๐Ÿ™‚

Is there a bubble?


I don’t know – you tell me.





Yesterday, my wife met someone in a pool ride who explained he was working at a start up that displayed pictures of the food in a restaurant, so you would choose which restaurant you would got to depending which pictures of food you liked. Yes – they are building Tinder for plates of food.

She asked him how they were going to take all the pictures, since most fancy restaurants are going to be switching out their menu once or twice a month.ร‚ย 

Dear Alice and Ryan,

Congratulations on your new fondleslabs, and welcome to theร‚ย 90% of humanity that now spend all their time staring at their phones. Since I am also too busy staring at my phone to talk to you, I thought that you might appreciate a list of the things I am usually staring at, so you can stare at them too.

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So, I’m working on a new app to go in my portfolio. It’s called Schmoozr (until I find out that name is taken).

Say you go to some event, and meet someone there, and decide you want to exchange emails, so you can continue you the discussion further later on. Instead of handing them your email or typing their email into your phone, you open schmoozr, and it has a simple form for name, email, and perhaps a note they might want to leave for you about your conversation.

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I’ve created an add-on for Jasmine, that allows you to iterate a set of Jasmine tests or suites through an array of test data. So, you can create a set of edge cases for whatever you are are trying to test, and then run them through this.

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Something that a few people have asked me about is how I go about testing of backbone DOM interactions in Jasmine, so I thought I’d just throw up this quick example for you.

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The history of the world’s most important drum sample – the Amen drum break. An oldie but goodie, that was just passed my way again.

“Despite being ten years old now [still] hundreds of tracks, dozens of DJs, a number of clubs and events, in effect an entire subculture, based on this one drum loop, I mean, based on these six seconds from 1969.

If you listen to almost any kind of music made in the last two decades, you will enjoy this.