PubThere is no short-cut to deciphering coded pub-talk. Every pub has its own private language of in-jokes, nicknames, phrases and gestures. Like the private languages of other social units such as families, couples, school friends etc., coded pub-talk emphasises the social bonds between pub regulars, reinforcing their sense of ‘belonging’.

I found this article while researching online interactions and behaviour.

Most anthropologists go off to remote parts of the world to live among exotic tribes, observe their behaviour and ask endless questions in order to understand and explain their strange customs. In 1992, the BLRA asked the experienced social scientists at SIRC to apply the same research techniques in the British pub… In 1995 the SIRC Research team – led by Research Manager Joe McCann and Senior Researcher John Middleton – embarked on yet another six-month anthropological pub-crawl. In total, the research on which this book is based has involved observation work in over 800 pubs, consultations with over 500 publicans and bar staff and interviews with over 1000 pubgoers – both natives and tourists.

It made me realize that my subconcious goal seems to be to turn every social meeting into a pub. Is it genetic?

…arguing, for the British male, is a critical element of the ‘pursuit of intimacy’. Arguing allows males to show interest in one another; to express emotion; to be demonstrative; to reveal their personal beliefs, attitudes and aspirations, and to discover those of their companions – in other words, to become more intimate, without acknowledging that this is their objective.

Apparently so.

Whether you are male or female, and whatever the sex or social background of your native companions, the words “It’s my round – what are you having?” will always be appreciated as a friendly gesture. This line may not be in your phrase book, but it is one of the most useful sentences in the English language.

SIRC – Passport to the Pub

I’ve been enjoying this free site that gives you movie recomendations based on a simple profile and your previous feedback. It slowly but surely is figuring out that just because I’m sophisticated and thenthitive and can’t stand holliwood schlock doesn’t necessarily mean I’m that I’m interested in horriblanous chick flicks either.

We need a new word for the ever increasingly intelligent-but-not-really algorithms (amazon suggestions, this site) that pervade the online world.

What to Rent! – Movie Rental Recommendations

(EDIT: Ok, it just gave me 3 Fellini movies in a row. I guess it has now put me in yet another category. No, really, it’s good, it’s good.)

Roman philosopher Publilius Syrus himself uttered in 100 B.C., “To do two things at once is to do neither.”

Yet, multitasking is constant now. We do it because it is expected, but also because we believe we can — sort of.

The truth, says, David Meyer, a Michigan psychologist and cognitive scientist who has run several studies on the subject, is we don’t and can’t do it well. We can if the tasks are simple and virtually automatic (think walking and chewing gum at the same time) but true, effective, efficient, meaningful multitasking is akin to jamming two TV signals down the same cable wire. You get static, not high-definition.

A very engaging article about how we are so often getting in the way of ourselves:

Here’s the article.

This is what the web is all about. Really great, well told, funny stories.

VidLit – Well-Told Tales

World On Fire video


I never thought that I’d see a really compelling, major label music video. Watch it, rather than just listening – the music is your usual maudlin fare.

Sarah McLachlan – World On Fire

My first reaction was : shit, everything in L.A. is soo expensive :>

My second reaction was : for all the support and aid that the video gave (and most aid and support is in this manner) – why is there so little being given to >prevent< the poverty in the first place. My third reaction was that this is one of the most heartbreaking things I've seen for a while, and I hope it gets mtv airplay, though I doubt it.

1. Search Amazon, find a book.
2. Click on a link and your local library will show you if it is on loan and lets you reserve it.

This page lets you create the link

Amateur Revolution


Amateur Revolution

From astronomy to computing, networks of amateurs are displacing the pros and spawning some of the greatest innovations.

I spend most of my day job listening to online streams. A bunch created by my friends, but also the local college station streams. However, there must be more out there. So, I’ve been asking.

Can you recomend your local, online stations to me? Here’s my list of links :

  • Oem Radio :Listen here– Original electronic music – really cool unsigned electronic – mail organica, warm glitch and IDM
  • Soma FM:To many streams to list – Ambeint, Chill, Noire, Lounge, Chill house, Angst rock, roots, Ambient. The mother of online radio.
  • BassDrive:Listen hereDrum and Bass

College stations: