Jellyfish Wohoo! We went to Montery Bay Aquarium a weekend ago. A whole day’s worth of vacation! I’d forgotten what it was like.

We go to Montery Bay Aquarium.

An Iranian photographer’s very interesting photo site. :: Hasan Sarbakhshian Photos

Hassan pix

We rented bikes yesterday and toured the island.

The day ended with an extremely large dinner which sent us straight to sleep, precluding the posting of any photos yesterday. However, I’ve posted them now, along with this:

Bike Ride

And these two more pictures, that deserve their own posting, since they are animated. (And the damn gallery software won’t add them. Blah).

Laura Dances Eating Ice cream

More vacation. We go to the beach. We find dinner. We pet the dogs.

Wohoo! Vacation.

It feels strange, but I am sure I can get used to it. Here is the first day of vacation photos. Laura and I traveled Nantucket, to visit her family. Along the way we picked up her brother David, and visted her mother and relatives at her parents summer home.