Crap! Now there are THREE hurricanes on their way to NOLA, with another forming on the african coast.

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Nice organ music. The real find here, however is in the comments on youtube: proof that, if something exists, there are people arguing about it on the internet somewhere.

YouTube – Koopman: Schmücke Dich, o liebe Seele BWV 654 – J.S. Bach

Imagine a system of parking meters that:

– increased the fees when fewer spots were available, and decreased them when there were less

– that you could pay for with your cell phone

– that texted you when your time was almost up so you could ‘feed the meter’ without going back to your car.

Well, imagine no more, just come to San Francisco. 6,000 or so meters are to be being replaced with these new fancy dodads, that include underground sensors to check if there is a car in the space.

Now, those that you know me are well aware of my propensity to suggest technological solutions for all problems. I won’t even boil water without a microwave, unless it’s absolutely necessary. And this new system has a number of excellent benefits:

– there will be, as the system intends, more spaces available during peak hours

– there will be, as the system intends, a discouragement of car use.

– there will be, as the system intends, and increase in revenue.


– there will be major pissed off-ness when people try to figure out why the parking meters, that used to involve the simple process of putting coins in, now require and instruction manual and haggling and bartering with.

– there will be major pissed off ness, when you find out that the change you brought will only last you 1/2 the length of your doctors appointment.

– there will be major pissed off-ness, when parking charges go through the roof in order to pay for these ridiculous doodas, with the bulk of the cash going to pay for the fany pants meters, and none of it going to into the city bank.

Hey, maybe it will work. I think it’s someone’s free market obession run amok.

Let Sesame Street tell you what the internet is for:

no real reason