How strange…. and cool.


wedge from tapeop answer the question of why recorded music sounded so much better in the ‘good old days or recording”

“Here’s the bloody ironic thing — and something I’ve having a hard time drilling intp the heads of my ill-informed bandmates — that the technological limitations of the 50’s & 60’s (low track count, mostly) was actually a god-send insofaras the quality of the final product was concerned. The band was forced to play it live as much as possible, and thus, vibe, that hard-to-capture-these-days, undeniably powerful vibe, was a given on most recordings. Since technology has improved (cough) the recording process over the years — giving an amazing amount of flexibility — vibe has dwindled to the point of seeming to be a unattainable holy grail of sorts, when the answer is quite clear: play it live. Put another way, the limitations of yesteryear was actually a brilliant stew, whether intended or not, and the flexibility of today is a complex web of hard-to-fathom choices, leading to gobs of questionable music. Or, put even another way, seemingly, the 50’s & 60’s was the golden era of recording, apparently. Picasso once said that great art cannot be created unless the artist self-imposes limitations. Back then, these was no need to self-impose. Now, for f*ck’s sake, there is!.”

I agree, to a point.

How much gear did they use to make records in the 60’s?

Set to descend into Titan’s atmosphere after Christmas, the Huygens probe carries a microphone for recording any stormy weather it may encounter.

Alien Thunder :: Astrobiology Magazine :: Search for Life in the Universe

I’ve heard rumours that a cheap top 40 pop star lip synched on Saturday night live. However these rumours started, I am sure that they aren’t true.

In fact, I can also assure you that clips of the occurence aren’t being amusingly remixed and aren’t bouncing around the internet as you read this.

And no-one’s discussing it and laughing, either.

Kerry’s surf band


This may be old news to some of you, but I just found it myself…

CD Review Websites


I am looking for some sites that write reviews of independent CD’s and such. I know about alllmusic, pitchfork etc. but am looking for some others. Any that accept CD’s for review would also be cool. :: View topic – CD Review Websites

i was soldering 1/4″ connectors to an old snake last night, and was pretty astonished about how bad my old work was! it was pretty funny. at any rate, it made me think about the soldering tips i’ve picked up since then that i thought may help some of you. :: View topic – soldering tips for y’all

Look no further!!

They’ve got high quality percussion, pads, drones, background ambiences – pretty much anything that you could ever need, and it looks like there’s more being posted every day! Excellent!