Though I am a TapeOp subscriber for a while it’s my first post here. I wanted to share my experience building a fast and non-expensive PC-based DAW. Maybe this story will be of interest for somebody. Many of you probably struggled with instability and hardware issues of PCs you build (at least I hear that all the time on the Net), so did I. :: View topic – Ultimate DAW PC. Cheap, quiet, stable, robust.

NPR : Protein Key to Human Hearing Discovered

Scientists at Harvard Medical School and elsewhere have found the long-sought protein that transforms sound waves into nerve impulses. forum – What is the best way to get people to come to a sh
What is the best way to get people to come to a show? I have been debating with some people about Street Teams and Flyers For Gigs.

I have a few people telling me, Flyers are a waste of time. I have other people saying they swear by flyers.

What do you think?

Great discussion of getting people to come to live gigs on the livepa board.

Wired News: Music Industry Spurned by Court
The Supreme Court on Tuesday let stand a lower court decision holding that the recording industry can’t force internet service providers to turn over the names of users trading music files online, effectively stopping one of the legal tactics of the music business as it tries to stamp out piracy.


Charshman from the Pho list let me know this wasn’t all it was reported to be:

This snippet is incorrect, or rather, not entirely correct. The SCOTUS declined to grant cert to review the D.C. Circuit’s overturn of the D.C. District’s holdings in the “DMCA P2P subpoenas” used by the RIAA in their first wave of lawsuits. (The _Verizon_ cases.) The RIAA immediately changed their tactics, instead filing John Doe lawsuits, getting subpoenas the old fashioned way (vs. the DMCA’s expedited subpoena provision, which remains intact for any material hosted on an ISP’s servers, vs. on an ISP’s customer’s computer and made available via P2P), and then filing an amended complaint or filing a new action in a court with personal jurisdiction.

It doesn’t change anything as it exists today; the RIAA’s process remains at the same level of cumbersomeness. The RIAA would naturally have preferred to have the Circuit Court’s decision overturned, to get back to the cheaper, easier, faster method they were using a year ago. But, the Circuit Court’s reasoning was pure statutory construction, and, AFAICT, spot-on, given the text of the DMCA (which utterly failed to anticipate anything but the old client/server model). I am not a lawyer, however…

News in Science – Speak to my right ear, sing to my left – 13/09/2004
Our left and right ears process sound differently, according to new research.

When scientists studied babies’ hearing they found the left ear was more attuned to music and the right better at picking up speech-like sounds.

At a press conference in Los Angeles today, Atttorney General John Ashcroft announced an expansion of Department of Justice powers to combat intellectual property theft. Some say the approach appears to be modeled after the war on drugs.

Boing Boing: Ashcroft declares “most aggressive assault” against piracy in US history

Kerry definitely seems to be shaping up to be anti-big media. Good.

The Online Beat

The Future of Television: Kerry Opposes Media Consolidation Trend

A Vote For Kerry is a Vote Against Media Monopoly :: Quantum :: Linearly Accelerated Media

Republicans for Kerry 2004

Good discussion of beating the day job/night music blues, as far as one can do that. :: View topic – i’m too tired to rock