Has mackie gone to the dogs?

Another cool tape-op thread. Do you need to be heard, or paid to be satisfied as a musician?

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What about you? What kind of recognition do you need in your life to feel that your existence is being fulfilled?

Album titles, the way they were meant to be

Someone started this thread on the beloved tapeop message board.

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It wrings pretty true with my experiences. We sent out all those cds this year. Did we get any CMJ charting? I think we charted twice. Regardless, regular web checks showed that we were in rotation in at least ten stations, (frequently in ‘regular’, rather than ‘light’, no less. And we had people >all< over the country coming to our site. So what gives? We sent out 300+ cds. We got played in less than a dozen places. Is there something wrong with this? We don't suck that bad...



Ok. I had some time to get back to the Groovetronica again. It looks like I’ll be done in a month or so (after the big trip to england) There are a few more songs to finish, and a lot of mixing. Stand by, I’ll be posting some more samples as I work on it in a day or so.

There’s a chance that a 5.1 version might see the light by the end of the summer.

Aaronius Trio


Finished mixing the Aaronius Trio, and gave a copy to Trisa. At some point, after the trip I’ve got planned to england, I’d like to revisit it, and do a better job. By all rights, I need to get something up here, so you can here. I’ll do my best…