I spend most of my day job listening to online streams. A bunch created by my friends, but also the local college station streams. However, there must be more out there. So, I’ve been asking.

Can you recomend your local, online stations to me? Here’s my list of links :

  • Oem Radio :Listen here– Original electronic music – really cool unsigned electronic – mail organica, warm glitch and IDM
  • Soma FM:To many streams to list – Ambeint, Chill, Noire, Lounge, Chill house, Angst rock, roots, Ambient. The mother of online radio.
  • BassDrive:Listen hereDrum and Bass

College stations:

Religion vs IQ



‘…so they plotted and graphed “religion important” vs. IQ for different countries [data taken from Lynn & Vanhanen & the Pew survey]… The bottom line: “religion and IQ are strongly negatively correlated (-.886).”

Critical Section – Religion vs IQ

Someone told me that people will appreciate the cd more if they have to pay for it. So now, I wonder if we should just hand out like two or three song demo’s to promote and sell our full length cd? Does this seem like a bad idea since we are just really trying to get a fan base, or would this be a better idea than what we are doing now, and we could get a little cash back to buy some merch to sell???

messageboard.TapeOp.com :: View topic – Sell CD’s or give them away????

Smart system predicts fast food by measuring size of your ass. Well, car seat.

‘Some fast food restaurants will soon test the theory that what you drive shows what you eat.

A Pittsburgh company has installed technology at fast-food restaurants to predict orders before customers even walk in the door.

The system — known as “Hyperactive Bob” — uses rooftop cameras that monitor traffic entering the parking lot and drive-through. It currently tells restaurant workers when to expect a surge in orders.’

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