I’ve heard rumours that a cheap top 40 pop star lip synched on Saturday night live. However these rumours started, I am sure that they aren’t true.

In fact, I can also assure you that clips of the occurence aren’t being amusingly remixed and aren’t bouncing around the internet as you read this.

And no-one’s discussing it and laughing, either.

Kerry’s surf band


This may be old news to some of you, but I just found it myself…


Now we know…



CD Review Websites


I am looking for some sites that write reviews of independent CD’s and such. I know about alllmusic, pitchfork etc. but am looking for some others. Any that accept CD’s for review would also be cool.

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A picture library of Bush Bulges.

George Bush Bulges


“I have contacts within the Republican Party. I was told by Scott Zale, a Repulican operative in eastern Tennessee that he knows it to be a fact that Bush was wired. He said that within the Bush campaign, there are certain mid-level staffers that have leaked this tidbit because it was just “too fantastic to ignore.”



The president is “a regular guy,” he said. “Maybe his suit had a little lump in it or something. I’ll tell you, he was dressed for the opportunity to talk to the American people, and I am not aware of anything that was extra-ordinary in what he was wearing.”

The mystery bulge

What is it?

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i was soldering 1/4″ connectors to an old snake last night, and was pretty astonished about how bad my old work was! it was pretty funny. at any rate, it made me think about the soldering tips i’ve picked up since then that i thought may help some of you.

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Look no further!!

They’ve got high quality percussion, pads, drones, background ambiences – pretty much anything that you could ever need, and it looks like there’s more being posted every day! Excellent!

IFILM – Short Films: Jon Stewart’s Brutal Exchange with CNN Host

This is just great.