I think I should start putting these daily roundups online, instead of keeping them to myself.


AIDS is cured!
Two years after a stem cell transplant from a donor with AIDS immunity,
HIV remains undetectable for this guy. Sure it’s impossibly expensive,
very dangerous, and not necessarily complete. So are all first steps.

Boy instinctively play with trucks, Girls with dolls. Even chimpanzee boys and girls. It’s hardwired – not learned from our upbringing.

Cooties: an essentially part of relating to the opposite sex.

Why you sleep to remember: the first real direct insight into how the brain, changes the strength of its connections during sleep

You aren’t getting enough vitamin D. I’m definitely not.

THC is as effect as Claritin in reducing allergenic response. Is there anything it can’t do?

The Economy

How the crash will reshape america

The Goldbug variations. Paul Krugman explains why gold is not where you want your money in this depression

Obama calls in the cops on the big banks across the nation And about time too.


The Church of Google?

Toilet paper. It’s like money in these places.