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A random google search turned up this discussion. Is this news? Apparently, at least one person has been performing experiments, to genetically modifying marijuana.

I have started a new identity here on OG to give you guys a heads up to the research I am doing.

I am no newby to Overgrow or growing in general. I am Canadian and have a solid backround in DNA properties and manipulation.

First I would like to say that ALL the research I am doing is out of my own pocket. I am not being paid for my time, I am using my lab and all the equipment within. Let me stress I am doing this out of MY OWN wallet. Trust me, a couple microliters of restriction enzyme can run a pretty penny.

Genetic modifications are become very common. Since cannabis is an illegal substance, it is not getting the attention that it should. There is research and development being carried out, but it is not to the end that will benifit the recreational user. These studys are however serving as reference for my work

There are two really interesting things going about this. The first is that someone is that genetic modification has become so easy and commonplace that some educated and well situated people are in the position to do some of their own, purely for there own entertainment.

The second is that perhaps a little less obvious, and that is that information and knowledge is idly being transfered and dissected on a web bulletin board. I’ve seen similar things going on in other forums, but geneticly modifying plants? What’s next?

I am in complete research mode right now. I have the basis for two experiments and am currently researching more indepth into how to adapt the procedures for cannabis.

The one that looks the most promising is to overexpress the enzyme THCA synthase. This enzyme catalyzes a dehydrogenation reaction of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid to THC (see pic).

I am trying to characterize the regulation sequences of THCA-synthase and modify them so that the enzyme is produced in the largest quantity it can be. I would like to change the sequence of the promoter to make it so that the RNA polymerase will bind the DNA more often thus making more messenger RNA.

If there is an abundance of mRNA that will be translated into an abundance of THCA-Synthase. HOPEFULLY, more enzyme will equal more THC content..

He’s definitely not alone: apparently, the discussion in question started back in 2002. And has definitely created genetically modified weed – in order to create sterile plants for medical marijuana and government santioned experiments. However, apparently Monsanto is deliberately creating low potency strains under governmental guidelines: pharmaceutical schwag.

Cannabis seeds from Monsanto are almost definitely genetically engineered. Genetically engineered plants can be patented, and it is in Monsanto’s best interest to hold a patent on any seed they sell. Seed patents ensure that companies like Monsanto can continue to profit from seeds from year to year, as farmers are legally bound to buy patented seeds from the patent holder rather than simply store them from the last year’s crop.

Interestingly, low-potency pot of the kind produced by Monsanto seeds at the University of Mississippi is exactly the kind of product the Ministry of Health is asking for from contractors. The guidelines ask specifically for “standardized marijuana cigarettes with THC content of between 4% and 6% and weighing [about] 850 mg.”

Which means the cigarettes to be used for clinical trials will be phatties containing over three-quarters of a gram of schwag bud each! These fat joints will deliver about twice the tar per dose as marijuana currently available from experienced growers, which reaches between 8-10% THC.

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