I am constantly running out of space on my hard drives. And, every time I do, windows starts complaining about the amount of space available. It will then offer to scan the drives for ‘recoverable’ space – calculate how much crap is in your recycle bin, how many temporary files you have lying around wasting space, and also offer to ‘compress old files’.

Don’t do that last one. It’s a piece of crap. You’ll save maybe 5% or so. It will take a few hours. All good and well, but any modification to the disk’s environment – such as moving it from one computer to another, reinstalling the OS, or goodness knows what other little things may cause distress to the finicky, tempermental, but thoroughly-critical-to-your-day-to-day-life orrnithopter that is the Windows OS and the disk will be come unmountable, and you’ll be shelling out for data recovery software, and tearing your hair out, swearing you’ll never let another day go by without a decent back up.

At least, that has been my experience.

However, if you do, I can recomend R-tools Data Recovery, for a way out of the predicament.

Mac users – don’t even bother. When something is lost on your box, it’s gone forever. And no, it doesn’t happen any less either. So give it a break :>

But – everyone. Please, please, please back up your shit. Let me say that again: back up your shit.
Back Up Your Shit. Only a fool buys an odd number of hard drives.

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