Wonkette interviews a real live lobbyist.

Do these people just stay so freaking manic that they CAN’T contemplate how they are ruining the best government ever seen on the planet?

Maybe if we all bothered to vote, to start, and then voted for smart people rather than those with the best teeth/hair/campaign commercials there wouldn’t be as much of a use for me. But, lucky for me, most of you don’t bother voting (though find me a lobbyist who skips voting and I’ll buy you a drink) and you vote for the best politician rather than the best, smartest or most ethical lawmaker. The “best government ever seen on the planet” is managed by politicians who appeal to the least common denominator, but I’m the one ruining it? Don’t bullshit a professional bullshitter.

Ask a Lobbyist: Open Bars, Open Roads – Wonkette

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