cows When left to their own devices, they organize their days into blocks of time roughly three hours long. They wake up at dawn, lying awake for the hour or so that it takes the light to change completely. Then they stand up, stretch, and have breakfast. On gray days, they sleep in for an extra hour. After eating for two or three hours, they go for a big drink of water.By mid-morning they are ready for some action. If one of the cows is in heat, activity centers around her. Otherwise, they try to find something else of interest. If I’m working around them, they offer to help. Putting in fenceposts, for instance, fascinates them. While I’m digging, they sniff each lump of earth as it comes out of the hole. When the hole is done, they think they need to inspect it, getting down on their knees and poking their heads as far into the hole as they can.

What Cows Do: Personality Sketches of My Cows

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