Well, maybe not, but this pissed me off no end.

BOSTON (Reuters) – War and politics are largely ignored by American teenagers, according to a Harvard University study released on Tuesday, which found that 60 percent of them pay little attention to daily news.

Researchers interviewed 1,800 people between January and March and found that 28 percent of Americans between the ages of 12 and 17 said they pay almost no attention to news every day. Another 32 percent said they pay only casual attention to one news source a day.

“News is not something that gets a lot of time or attention or interest from teens,” said Thomas Patterson, a professor of government and the press at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Among people aged 18 to 30, the poll found 48 percent said they are inattentive to daily news. Only 23 percent of older Americans said they largely ignore news.

In general, soft stories about celebrities interest young people more than hard news stories like congressional votes or developments in Iraq.

One reason teenagers may pay less attention to news than older Americans is only one in 20 young people rely heavily on a daily newspaper, according to the survey, which had a margin of error of 2 percent to 3 percent.

Hey! Young america! Go fuck yourself! Wait, no, don’t bother – that’s being done for you. Here, I’ll tell you what: don’t go fuck yourself – instead sit around reading up on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton while everyone else in the whole wide world fucks you. The administration (who lie and steals from you), the corporations (who lie and steal from you) , the chinese(who feed you poison, lie about it, and steal your jobs) , even your own parents (who the fucking fuck do you think got us into this mess?) have and are fucking you. So, enjoy the moment, while it lasts.

Oh, whatever. Go fuck yourself, you little shits.

U.S. teenagers have little interest in news: study | U.S. | Reuters

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