At least among AOL mail users, according this survey

The study of 4,000 users also showed people checking their email with regularity from the following unusual and perhaps inappropriate locales:

• In bed in their pajamas: 67%
• From the bathroom: 59%
• While driving: 50%
• In a bar or club: 39%
• In a business meeting: 38%
• During happy hour: 34%
• While on a date: 25%
• From church: 15% (up from 12% last year)

the most email addicted cities are New York, Houston, and Chicago, with San Francisco coming in at a surprisingly low 5th.

The report also includes a word to the wise regarding email sign-offs: 25% report being annoyed by “xoxo” while “cheers” irritated 13% of the respondents.

Courtesy of Mashable, that has created their own email poll

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