So, I’m working on a new app to go in my portfolio. It’s called Schmoozr (until I find out that name is taken).

Say you go to some event, and meet someone there, and decide you want to exchange emails, so you can continue you the discussion further later on. Instead of handing them your email or typing their email into your phone, you open schmoozr, and it has a simple form for name, email, and perhaps a note they might want to leave for you about your conversation.

When they type in their info, it sends them an email you’ve already composed, which talks a bit about you, maybe points at all your appropriate blogs, media accounts etc. For now, it’s just a text box you fill out, though I’m hoping I can make some kind of guided forms, to make it a little easier for those that would prefer it.

If you open the admin page, you’ll see all the contacts you made that day, along with a place to take notes next to each. The next day, you get also get an email from Schmoozr, listing all the contacts, and, browser permitting, the geo-location of where you met, and the notes you made last night.

The ‘pro’ version would have multiple profiles, so you don’t send the links to your renn fair blog to potential employers. Also, maybe more customizations to the look and feel. Maybe a slideshow or something else you might want to show people in that context.

At this point, the app is almost usable – for me. I have yet to make set it up for multiple users, or host it properly, etc. It’s all HTML5 so it will work on any phone.

What do think? Could you imagine yourself using something like this?

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