wedge from tapeop answer the question of why recorded music sounded so much better in the ‘good old days or recording”

“Here’s the bloody ironic thing — and something I’ve having a hard time drilling intp the heads of my ill-informed bandmates — that the technological limitations of the 50’s & 60’s (low track count, mostly) was actually a god-send insofaras the quality of the final product was concerned. The band was forced to play it live as much as possible, and thus, vibe, that hard-to-capture-these-days, undeniably powerful vibe, was a given on most recordings. Since technology has improved (cough) the recording process over the years — giving an amazing amount of flexibility — vibe has dwindled to the point of seeming to be a unattainable holy grail of sorts, when the answer is quite clear: play it live. Put another way, the limitations of yesteryear was actually a brilliant stew, whether intended or not, and the flexibility of today is a complex web of hard-to-fathom choices, leading to gobs of questionable music. Or, put even another way, seemingly, the 50’s & 60’s was the golden era of recording, apparently. Picasso once said that great art cannot be created unless the artist self-imposes limitations. Back then, these was no need to self-impose. Now, for f*ck’s sake, there is!.”

I agree, to a point.

How much gear did they use to make records in the 60’s?

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